segunda-feira, 6 de maio de 2013

I am against Azevedo

Nothing personal, of course. But Brazil is a highly protectionist country and this administration does not believe in free trade at all.

Mexico is much more inclined towards free trade, so let´s elect the mexican for god´s sake. Leave aside the nationalistic rethoric; we do not need a brazilian there, we need someone to defend the ideal of free trade.

3 comentários:

  1. I disagree. The Mexican option is backed by US interests, which have recently shown to be far far towards free trade by defending old and inefficient American subsidies in WTO.

  2. Jesus, of course there are lobbies in every country fighting for protection. But to argue that Brazil is more for free trade than US is too far-fetched. Look at import tarifs for the overall economy, son. US tariffs are dwarfed by ours.

  3. The evidence is that US have shown a lot protectionist behavior in recent WTO meetings, on the contrary of all first principles in economics. This is all about politics, and, on this case, a WTO head backed by emerging countries is closer to defend the free trade that is possible than the other backed by advanced economies. Emerging economies rely on free trade by more than advanced economies facing relevant domestic problems to boost employment and growth. Today this is a key point. Notwithstanding, none of two will change the inertia in international trade, not before all developments of the crisis have been completely assessed.