sexta-feira, 31 de maio de 2013

Hire me now, Dilma, and growth will resume in 2014

Dilma, you have got a growth problem. Kick your incompetent team and grant me unlimited powers

Here's my plan:

1 - Immediately set Selic at 10% and gradually reduce it after inflation reaches 4% (the new ITarget)

2 - Freely floating exchange rates, to offset external shocks in terms of trade (this stabilizes inflation and growth)

3 - Increase fiscal primary surplus to 4% of GDP for 2 years then implement an institutionally solid counter-cyclical fiscal policy

4 - Slash import tariffs to chilean levels in 4 years

5 - Devolute power to Regulatory Agencies in order to boost investment in infrastructure

6 - Close the BNDES as rapidly as possible and move the (supposed) financing of positive externalities to the budget (long term credit will develop after this)

7 - Curb the crazy credit expansion in CEF and BB

8 - Minimum wage new law: index MW to inflation only; about the impact on social security: real gains in the economy should not accrue to people not working anymore

9 - Pass an administrative reform to improve incentives in the public sector

10 - Increase teachers wages by 20% now (carrot) conditional on performance and devise a monitoring system to kick out the incompetent/lazy teachers from public schools

11 - Increase costs of commiting crimes and improve the penitenciary system's quality

What then, Mrs. President? Am I hired?

11 comentários:

  1. Of course not. You are a bastard ortodox economist, people's enemy number one. I am going to call the Secret Service Police to catch you for inquest. Such kind of comments are truly perturbing the economy now and I need to decide the new RER value in peace, only me and the Oracle Lula.

    A kiss in your heart, darling.
    The Presidenta Dilma Cinturão

  2. You're the best, X.
    But why to index MW to inflation?
    Thanks dude .

  3. Caro X, você foi perfeito. Apenas gostaria que definisse melhor o conceito de "professor preguiçoso" da rede pública de ensino, para evitar confusões posteriores entre boa parte dos bloggueiros aqui presentes.

  4. Dear Mister X,

    As a undergraduated student in economics at UNICAMP, i've learned all problems can be solved by devaluating the exchange rate. I'm sure you would reach the same enlightenment if you stopped reading folls like Lucas, Prescott and Cochrane. You must go to the real master in economics: Furtado and Prebish. I fear you may have some trouble, because this will not be as simples as solving Bellman's Equations and space-state models....


  5. X, don't care about what Anônimo is saying, they have dissociative identity disorder.
    I've changed my mind and got a job for you. How about being a Belluzzo's assistant in my clique of smart advisors? You don't like? Ok, I also have a vacancy of Delfim's assistant, you can choose. You know, they are quite old people, I really need a hectic back office to help them to finish their advices, I hardly understand. Kisses in your heart, my dear!
    Presidenta Dilma

  6. lol! in five minutes you'd be fired!!!

  7. Muito bom, mas politicamente impossível. Tem que fechar o congresso e ficar governando uns 2 anos por decreto, no mínimo...

  8. Tu terias q começar o plano com:"visando desvalorizar a moeda no longo prazo e remover o principal obstáculo à economia brasileira, teremos que:". a cenoura deles é essa.

  9. Com as medidas 1 e 3 crescimento em 2014 nem a pau Juvenal. Aliás a cenoura aqui é o mercado florescendo com os fundamentos corretos em algum momento do futuro. Ou melhor, a velha promessa da cornucópia ortodoxa.

    Ah, e a taxa de câmbio flutuante, essa falta combinar com os russos, americanos, chineses, japoneses enfim, com a ONU toda.

  10. Pequena provocação aos 3 liberais: suponham que devido a um choque externo qualquer a taxa nominal de câmbio passe a se apreciar. Vocês acham que o BC deveria deixar o câmbio se apreciar indefinidamente, ou ele deveria interromper o processo a partir de certa cotação? E qual cotação seria essa?