sexta-feira, 19 de julho de 2013

Yesterday I studied a lot

I reread all papers about the empirics of economic growth

Man, the Exchange rate has nothing to do with growth, I learnt.

Fixed rate regimes increase output volatility, but it´s basically that

Jesus, where did belluzer get his mania?

One has to beware of omitted variable bias (but I guess the Loser cant grasp the idea): domestic savings affect both the Exchange rate and growth rates (the latter under certain conditions).

Once I told Rodrik about that, but he feigned he couldnt understand my accent. Shit, that´s why I moved to MA, to improve my accent. It is not working.

ps. people are suggesting i am Pedro Cavalcanti or Marcio Garcia, or Celso T. Man, I am a linear combination of all of them...

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  1. Who is Belluzo ?

    nothing more than a subproduct of intelectual subdevelopment