quarta-feira, 17 de julho de 2013

self-serving special interest

Hey, I am not on this fucking isle with the 3 fags and X. I am a grocery owner at M.A, don't have time for this, gotta work to do, damn.
I read the Big State already and saw the brazilian doctors are complaining about the foreign doctors coming in. Go to hell ! Dont bullshit the public with your self-serving arguments; say simply you do not want competition and you care shit if this blockade of yours harms society.
Now, I am very happy medicine students from public universities will have to pay back society for financing their expensive studies. But Dilma, my dear, my precious, you shouldnt have included those coming out from private schools. They pay their fees, and later, their taxes.
There is a russian knocking at the door. It is full of russians here. Damn, I need some vacations.

3 comentários:

  1. Well, if you consider the FIES and PROUNI people on private universities, you could also include them all.. But, of course, you would've to separate them from the others that do not use these programs...

  2. Ate que enfim, mais gente denunciando esse vergonhoso corporativismo medico. Importar cubanos pode nao resolver o problema da saude publica no Brasil, mas mal nao faz e, para quem vive em grotoes (ou favelas) a centenas de quilometros do post mais proximo, pode fazer enorme diferenca. Que tal um post "serio" (isto e, publicavel) a respeito, para que possamos divulgar nas redes sociais?

  3. Então vamos zerar a tarifa de importação para tudo que não presta no Brasil - carro, whisky, economista!!!