domingo, 7 de julho de 2013

Signalling game

Antoninho called me from MA, USA.
He said there are rumours circulating about Butter's fall...
Can Dilma achieve a separating equilibrium in the signalling game she has been playing recently?
Only with a strong move, donna, really strong (overthoughness as is known in the literature). You have to convince people the new person in charge of the economy has views that are opposite to yours and has no private costs in leaving the government in case you interfere or merely frown.
A.T is not this person, for instance...
neither is L.C
A.C.P is;
as is A.F;
or H.M too;
X; FK; A.B?...yep, good picks too

10 comentários:

  1. I wish you were right, X.
    But after these years, I seriously doubt that the PRESIDENTA's choice will be different from any of these dulls:

  2. X, we are living a heterodox time. ACF or AF are not feasible for the people governing the country. Perhaps Butter is the best we can get for now, I am very afraid of what could happen if he leaves.

  3. Hi X,

    What about C.A.G.?

    Really... at a first glance it may sounds terrible but I am indeed convinced that he is the very first best option in the menu basically because he is one of those guys that have an incomparable power to destruct everything that surrounds him.

    Can you imagine dilma's fall??? That would be AWESOME!!!

  4. What about Fabio Urias Correa Kanczuk, a.k.a. FUCK!?

  5. I TOLD YOU, X !