terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

Political reform

Dilma, hi,
The only relevant political reform is this: scrap proportional representation and go for district voting
this reduces corruption since it makes politicians more accountable

oh, sorry to inform, but democracy is the most striking case of principal-agent problem (did u read MGW chap 13 and 14?)

 it works poorly because we are unable and havent the proper incentives to control our agents (that is u, the politicians); but theory and evidence suggest the problem is a bit attenuated by majority (district) voting...

closed lists is the worse thing to do, it hinders politicians incentives to behave well and increase incentives to please party leaders, like Dirceu and the likes

Dilma, go read persson and tabellini´s 2003 book and related papers first....i am tired and not willing to explain it further right now....we can talk later

good night, sweet dreams

3 comentários:

  1. X, if you are not cesg, I believe cesg is you.

  2. Dear bro Econ X,

    You are too optimistic about Dilma. You don't know how stupid her Unicampers-professors made her.

    You ask her to study real economic theory (MWG and Persson-Tabellini), but don't forget: in Unicamp, they only read "O CAPITALISMO TARDIO", by João Manuel Cardoso de Mello (1975).

    She still believes that JMCM & Belluzzer are those who wrote TRUE Economic Theory and that the same ideas remain since the 1970s. These people simply stopped in time and she is not different.