segunda-feira, 17 de junho de 2013

10 best brazilian economists EVER

1 - Antoninho de Botucatu (knows everything, and is my bro)
2 - FK (taught generations of good economists; he is old now but remains smart)
3 - Joelmir Betting (in memorium)
4 - Amyr Klink (knows what  scarcity means)
5 - William Waack (knows more economic theory than belluzer; speaks german)
6 - Genta (sambista; has a good heart)
7 - Sebastião Salgado (made a good choice long ago, and Economics is all about choice theory)
8 - Bob fields (knew latin; read Freud and Foucault; learned english attending cine sessions with his back to the screen; had wit)
9 - Cesg (has published nice and important books -- all sold poorly)
10 - Claudia (knows in advance what is going to happen in the realm of economic policy)

9 comentários:

  1. absolutely brilliant

  2. Dear Econ X,
    What a brilliant list!


  3. In other words, we have had a chance of reading most of the top 10 economists in this blog. Astonishing.

    You missed Mrs de Bolle, la creme dela creme, nice legs

    1. Beauty does not count here. Antoninho is heading the list and he is the ugliest man on earth.

    2. Shit, man!!! Dat Bolle bitch is damnnn hot like hell!!!
      I'd love to have those legs for me.

      -Snoop Doggy D-O-double-G.

  4. I believe you forgot Bernardinho.

    Not only he has 5 olympic medals, he has written the best book on gold since Eichengreen's "Gold Fetters" : "Como transformar suor em ouro"